El cíclope (The cyclops)

2017 / 2018Theater

El cíclope (The cyclops) - Sara Rivero

Written and directed by Ignasi Vidal, The Cyclops premiered at the Teatros del Canal in Madrid, which was the starting point for the 2017-2018 tour.

El cíclope (The cyclops) - Sara Rivero



Love is not what it seems, nor is it how we were told it would be; love has a thousand faces. The Cyclops and other oddities of love is a work about intersecting lives, in which the characters, in their insatiable search for love, find that they must relearn how to love. The chance disappearance of one of the group forces the rest to rethink the way they understand life and experience love.

El cíclope (The cyclops) - Sara Rivero


Pedro: Manu Baqueiro

Sergio: Daniel Freire

Marta: Eva Isanta

Paz: Sara Rivero

Amanda: Celia Vioque



Set Design: Curt Allen Wilmer

Movement: Amaya Galeote

Lighting: Sergio Gracía

Music: Marc Álvarez

Wardrobe: Beatriz Carballo

Graphic Design: David Ruiz



A production of

Unahoramenos, Olympia Metropolitana, and Emilia Yagüe Productions.