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My name is Sara.

I walk fast, I dream about horses, and my house smells of books and coffee. I was born at night—in Spring Time. With open eyes, and a curious expression; as someone who is trying to figure out something. Perhaps arriving to the world with this kind of flow was a premonition of my love for nightlife, for the creative process, and the constant search of who I really am. I was born fearless. Fear is something ugly, which gets stuck to your skin with age. I was born with permission to be the way I am. I was raised in the light side of the world, feeling that everything that had to do with Art was the most fucking amazing thing on planet Earth. Keep reading

Home - Sara Rivero
Home - Sara Rivero

…What´s Up?

Today, the new one here it’s me. Excited about the development of my personal work, I balance my career as an actress with my education at the London Film Institute and the International Centre for Photography and Film, EFTI. Today I embrace 2017 with the fervour that this personal bet requires. Everything will be fine. I have enough coffee for the journey.

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Home - Sara Rivero

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